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Report cases of sexual violence anonymously and access available support services.
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Salvus, which means "safe", is an interactive sexual violence reporting platform where cases of sexual violence can be reported anonymously and survivors can access available support services.
My Salvus is an initiative of Hacey Health Initiative with support from the Stars Foundation Girl Award and EMpower

Reporting harassments as early as possible is the first step to stopping them

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Information about the harrassment is crucial to amelioration, our platform allows detailed and secure data storage and quick dissemination to service or aid providers to get you the help you need.

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We engage with our users to ensure they are getting the help they require from our service providers, and to see how else we can help.

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    When I eventually told people about my abuse, some who were close to my abuser chose not to believe me.
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About Us

MySalvus is an interactive sexual violence reporting platform where cases of sexual violence can be reported anonymously.

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34 Curtis Adeniyi Jones Close off, Adeniran Ogunsanya St, 101211, Lagos

(+234) 704-683-5377

For urgent help, contact the Lagos state Domestic Sexual Violence Response Team 'DSVRT'